The 4 Best Ways to Avoid Zoom Audio Problems

Two years into remote and hybrid work, one would think that by now Zoom meetings and presentations should go smoothly every time. But the truth is, remote work is more complex than ever.

For one, Zoom continues to add and expand features. While it’s great that the platform continues to become more versatile, the interface is now more complicated to navigate. Not to mention the fact that expectations have increased. You’ve been working from home for two years? Surely you must be a multimedia genius by now!

The fact of the matter is that unless you’re trained in production or performance, presenting remotely while also keeping an eye on multiple computer screens, monitoring your audio and video, and handling audience participation do not come easily. Our videographers have backgrounds in television and theatre production, and even they prep and practice for complicated jobs. We’re all human, we’re all trying, and sometimes technology gets the best of us.

Still, there are plenty of simple things to keep in mind that add very little prep work but pay off greatly, and will make you look and sound like the professional you are. Last time, we talked about a no-hassle way to switch to phone audio on Zoom. We wanted to expand a little to talk about audio in general. Here are four suggestions to prevent problems that will take some of the stress out of your next virtual meeting.

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Join Us in Celebrating 20 Years in Business


For the past two years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to re-imagining St. Petersburg Conference Center as a place not just for the legal community, but for everyone. We’ve hosted training seminars, networking events, planning meetings and more alongside our attorney and court reporter clients.

To celebrate our 20th anniversary, and to celebrate our new vision for SPCC, we’ll be opening our doors this fall for a networking and open house event. In the mean time, we’re going to highlight all the new and exciting changes and updates we’ve made.

We want your help and input, too! If you have used SPCC recently and wish we had something specific for you, or you are constantly trying new venues because you need something that no one offers, tell us! We are always looking to improve and enhance. Email us at at any time with your suggestions and comments. SPCC is continuing to evolve to serve you best so that you can focus on what matters: your work and your clients.


Zoom Tips and Tricks #3: Switch to Phone Audio Without the Hassle

SPCC’s in-house legal videography company McCloskey & Associates has participated in over 700 remote legal proceedings since 2020. We’ve learned a lot of great shortcuts.  Since our job is to deliver the highest quality media we can, we sometimes suggest that participants with audio troubles switch to a phone for better sound. The number one reason that participant tells they don’t want to do so is because they don’t have the meeting ID and password handy and don’t have the time in that moment to go digging through old emails.

It’s understandable, since no one wants to stall the start of an important meeting. What most people don’t realize is that you can ask Zoom for a prompt to switch to your phone quickly. No more searching for logins, no more feedback when both your computer and your phone are in the meeting.  Even better, once connected, Zoom will only show an icon that you are attending with a phone audio source and it will not show your phone number to the other participants.

The process only takes a minute, and it and can be a great alternative–particularly if your internet is having a rough day. With your phone in the meeting, your audio will continue uninterrupted even if your video quality fluctuates.

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Virtual Backgrounds: Should You Use Them?

One of Zoom’s popular features is the virtual background. At first glance, it seems like a fantastic concept. Why appear from your dining room when you can look like you’re in a fancy office conference room, a garden, or even at the beach?


However, there are perils to the technology. For one, the algorithm that keeps the virtual background in place is only so smart. Depending on the contrast between yourself and your surroundings, you’ll experience clipping when you move. There’s a good chance that at some point you’ll lift your arm or reach for something and everyone will see the clutter behind your desk instead of those palm trees in Key West. Even something as simple as your hairstyle can confuse the background.

The other, greater issue is that keeping the virtual background running takes up bandwidth. Depending on your internet strength, that bandwidth could be the difference between no issues at all, and having your video or audio freeze during a crucial moment.

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Zoom Tips and Tricks #2: Four Tips to Share Screen Effectively

“Okay, give me one moment. I’m going to share my screen.”

If you’re like us, you can probably hear that sound bite in your head, along with the dreaded silence that follows.  You’ve heard a speaker say it, or a questioning attorney, or you’re the one presenting and suddenly realize the words are about to come out of your own mouth.

This moment of pause largely comes because it does take a moment to switch to screen sharing. It’s the nature of Zoom. However, performing a screen share smoothly is not only possible, it’s easy once you know the ins and outs of the best ways to do so effectively.  Here are four tips from our videographer who has been on Zoom depositions almost every day since May 2020, and has even participated as an exhibit tech.

Have you managed to keep smiling while talking AND trying to initiate a screen share? Be honest.

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