How to Prepare Your Client for a Successful Video Deposition

This year, our in-house legal videography company McCloskey & Associates, Inc. turned 20. In September we talked about what legal videographers do for the benefit of our readers who are not a part of the legal community. Now, we’re shifting our focus to our attorney friends.

Depositions are a nerve-wracking process for plaintiffs and defendants who have never had to deal with the legal system before. Add a camera, and the pressure becomes even greater. A good, trained, certified videographer will help make your client feel comfortable on the day, but there are good ways to prepare before even stepping in the deposition room. Here’s some of our best tips from our videographers who have two decades of experience in the field.

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Zoom Tip #6: How to Stop Notifications When Sharing Your Screen

Previously, we’ve talked about ways to share your screen effectively. Much of that advice hinges on our recommendation that participants only select the document they wish to share rather than their entire desktop, which we very much believe is best practice. But what if you’re not that technically savvy and Zoom is a bit intimidating? Believe us, we understand.

You can share your desktop if you prefer, but here’s one suggestion that will make your Zoom life a lot easier.

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Videographers: Behind the Scenes of the Legal World

In February, we talked about the incredible work of court reporters. Another far less known role in the legal process legal videographers. Legal videographers are everywhere, but the part they play is rarely visible unless their work is made public. Last year, the 2015 video deposition of Purdue Pharma’s Richard Sackler was released and featured in some news programs, and was even parodied by the team behind Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. Legal videographers are an important part of the legal world, and they encompass a broad range of work and skills.

St. Petersburg Conference Center is very proud that our in-house legal videography company has reached the milestone of 20 years in business in 2022. To celebrate, let’s take a look at this fascinating industry.

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20th Anniversary Celebration: Satisfy Your Appetite


Over the past two years, we’ve re-imagined St. Petersburg Conference Center as a place not just for the legal community, but for everyone. To celebrate our 20th anniversary, and to celebrate our new vision for SPCC, we’ll be opening our doors this Fall for a networking open house. In the mean time, we’re going to highlight all the new and exciting changes and updates we’ve made.


One of our favorite features here at SPCC is our kitchen. It features counter space, a large sink, and a full-size refrigerator.  All clients and their guests have access to our beverage bar (our coffee selection in particular gets tons of compliments!).

If you’re hosting an event and plan to bring food for your guests, our kitchen is also free for you to use as a staging area and place to keep drinks cold until it’s time. The kitchen is just steps away from our event room and doorways on both sides make it easily accessible.

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Zoom Tip #5: Best Practices for the Mute Button

To mute or not to mute? That’s the real question when it comes to Zoom meetings.

The answer feels like it should be obvious: If you’re not speaking, mute yourself. If you need to speak, unmute. However, it’s not always cut and dry. What if you need to speak, but infrequently? What if you’re worried you’ll forget you’re on mute, speak, and go unheard?

Here’s some quick microphone etiquette based on our experience in remote meetings since 2020, as well as ways to get the most out of your Zoom microphone features.

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