20th Anniversary Celebration: Expanding Our Online Presence

20th Anniversary Celebration: Expanding Our Online Presence

Over the past two years, we’ve re-imagined St. Petersburg Conference Center as a place not just for the legal community, but for everyone. To celebrate our 20th anniversary, and to celebrate our new vision for SPCC, we’ll be opening our doors this Fall for a networking open house. In the mean time, we’re going to highlight all the new and exciting changes and updates we’ve made.


It’s 2022, and having a good online presence is as important to businesses as the products they sell. Take a look through all the ways we’re staying connected to our clients and promoting our services, then click these links to check it out for yourself (and follow us!). we do a lot of cross-posting but social media is just that–social. We want to connect with you in every way we can.


Our Facebook page is a great way to get some quick info on us. Find our address, email, and phone number, and click the Google Map to see where we are and get directions. We also advertise events happening at our center on behalf of our clients, and we post pictures after!



Our Instagram made its debut recently and we’re very excited. We update it with current promotions and offers, highlight features of our center, and advertise upcoming events. We’re having fun getting the word out and making connections. 



LinkedIn is a great way to connect with fellow professionals. We love expanding our network and keeping on top of the accomplishments of the people we know.



We’ve put a lot of work into revamping our website this past year. You can now find everything you need to know in one great location: our daily and hourly conference and board room rates, our seminar/event space rates, everything you need to know about our legal services, and our blog. These blog posts are written by one of our in-house videographers and created from ideas and comments contributed by all of our employees.


Feedback is vital to SPCC’s continuing growth. If you’ve used us recently and wished we had something you need, or if you’re looking for a place that offers something specific, email us at any time with your suggestions and comments. We would love to hear from you!

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